Building a Synthesiser - an introductory tutorial for Reaktor v5.

Symple Synth: Envelopes

Now we're going to add an envelope, which we'll be able to use to control the volume over time. We'll use a standard ADSR (Attach Decay Sustain Release) Macro.
1. We could just add the built-in ADSR envelope to the Instrument Structure Window and wire it in. But for the sake of clarity, both of the Structure Window and the Instrument Panel, we'll create a new Macro and put the envelope generator inside. So, Right click and select Macro>_New 1in1out.
2. Use the new Macro's Properties box to rename it to "Amplitude Envelope". Then open up its Structure Window, Right click and select Built-In Module>LFO,Envelope>ADSR. Wire the Macro's In port to the G (Gate) and the ADSR-Env's Out port to the Macro's Out port.
3. Right click each of the ADSR - Env's A, D, S and R ports in turn and Create Control(s). Whilst you're here, open the ADSR Env's Properties box, go to the Eye tab and enable "Visible". Change SizeX to 170 and SizeY to 70. Have a quick look in the Panel and you'll see that you've enabled and configured the envelope's graphic display. Deselect "Label" too.

4. In the Instrument Structure Window, disconnect the two Oscillator Amp inputs from the Gate. Wire the Gate to the Input of our new Envelope Macro and wire the Macro's Output to both of the Oscillator Amp Inputs. You'll notice I've had to move things around a little to make space.

5. Now go to the Instrument Panel, click on the spanner and tidy up.
Next we'll add a simple low pass filter