Building a Synthesiser - an introductory tutorial for Reaktor v5.

Symple Synth: Scope

Creating a graphic representation of the output is a pretty simple affair...
1. Make a _New - 1in1out Macro, delete the out and use the Properties Dialog to name it "Scope". Take a second feed from the main output and wire it to our Scope input.
2. The Scope itself is quite complex. But we're going to use one that I've prepared earlier! So first of all please download my ready made Scope Macro from here. You can download it to anywhere you like on your machine but it's probably better to put it in Reaktor 5>Library>Macros. It has the file extension .mdl.
3. Open the Structure Window of the Scope. Right click and select Macro>Load... and navigate to your saved Simple Scope.mdl file. Wire the Input Port of the Scope to the Input of the Simple Scope Macro. Feel free to have a look in the Structure Window of the Simple Scope Macro to see how it works.
4. The scope features will need a little rearranging in the Panel. In fact, it'll probably take longer to line everything up than it took to add the Scope itself!
Time to make the synth look pretty by adding some graphics