Building a Synthesiser - an introductory tutorial for Reaktor v5.

Symple Synth: Getting Started

When you first run Reaktor it will load up the most recently used ensemble (there's an option in preferences which enables you to prevent this but, for the most part, it's a useful feature). So don't be put off if the first thing you see is hugely complex!
1. Start up Reaktor, click on File and choose New Ensemble from the drop-down menu. Right click on the Instrument in the centre and look at its Properties; there you'll find an explanation of what it is (you may need to click on the 'i' pane). Break the feedback loop by deleting the two input connections (if you haven't already). Also delete the 'Master' Instrument at the bottom right; later on we're going to build our own controls for master volume and tuning.
2. Right click on the Instrument again but this time choose Structure Window. This will open another window, showing you what's going on inside the Instrument.
3. Drag select the two inputs (they'll change colour to maroon when you select them) and press Delete, to leave you with an empty instrument. Notice that the L and R inputs disappear from the Instrument, too.
4 For simplicity we're going to work in mono, so delete either the Left or Right output and its audio voice combiner. Right Click on the remaining output and select Properties; rename it to 'Mono'.
It's time to make a noise by adding an oscillator